Assassins Book Week – Day 5

Thank you to EVERYONE who has followed us all week long for Assassins Week!
It has been a blast and you guys have been amazing with the feedback!
Today is the final day in this event and of course, it is going to be a good one!
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Today I bring you the Dream Cast of Taking Shots AND Trying to Score!
Also, I present you with an awesome Giveaway that will have 5 winners!
Thank you to Toni for donating all of the things in the giveaway! :)

Elli is special in my eyes. She has so many issues, so many inscuries, when she really doesn’t need them. She is beautiful inside and out. When I found this picture on Pinterest, I thought it fit what in my mind was Elli. I love the shape of her face, the set of her eyes, she kinda reminds me of Kirsten Dunst. Either way, this is my Elli Fisher.

“With his almost black hair that fell in the brightest blue eyes she had ever seen, and a crooked nose that had been broken two years ago during a game with the Red Wings, she had to admit that she had a little bit of a crush on him. When he smiled, her heart melted.”
This is my Shea Adler. Perfect jaw line, fantastic eyes, crooked nose. He has the kind of eyes that could make panties drop, honestly. He’s perfect! I found him before I found Elli, and he fits the bill to a tee when it comes to Shea Adler!

Harper is a nut, through and through, but she is also very beautiful. In the beginning of the book, she has spiky purple hair, but by the end she has her normal brown and it is a little shorter than the way this model has it. I just loved this model’s face. Its so Harper. With the cute little nose, and thin mouth, she’s perfect!

Jakob is a Russian Stud with deep set green eyes and brown hair. He is devilishly sexy with his chiseled jaw and scruffy chin. Totally hot, and totally not your normal guy. He is sweet, and caring, and like Shea always says, “He could fall in love with a rock.” With those bedroom eyes, who wouldn’t fall in love him?

Fallon has a very sultry look to her. She is beautiful with deep caramel eyes and lush lips. She doesn’t have the look of an innocent sweet girl, she is a scorn woman, with a chip of her shoulder and I think this model brings out what I want in Fallon. When I saw this model on Pinterest, I didn’t hesitate in picking her for Fallon. She is stunning and fits Fallon perfectly.

Goodness me. I found this picture before I thought of Lucas Brooks. Lucas is much like this model, with the dark features and sexy hard body. He is what I see when I think of Lucas. I could just see Lucas moving his thumb along his lip like that, while trying to convince Fallon to be with him. He’s perfect! And hot!

Audrey is cooky and awesome. I just love her character in this book. She is a beauty with wide eyes and a lush mouth, just like her sister. I love how she has such long hair in this picture and how her eye lashes really bring out her eyes. I originally thought of Fallon like this, but then thought she look too young, so I decided to make it Audrey instead.

Levi is a meat head in a way. When I wrote him, I had Vinny from Jersey Shores in mind. Vinny is a nice looking man and Levi is too, so I thought Vinny was perfect with his short cut hair, and dark features. He is a good Levi.

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I want to thank everyone again for an amazing week!
Especially Toni Aleo!

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  1. Tara says:

    i couldnt help myself!!! i want that bottle of wine!!!! heheeh this was amazing! and i totally loved it!!! lucas makes my panties drop!!


  2. Stacers says:

    I loved this book and now I can's wait for the third book. Lucas was so yummy. He was cocky and sexy as all get out. I must admit Fallon was not a favorite of mine but I get where she is coming from. I found myself yelling at her in my head as I was reading the book. I know…sad… Great book!

  3. Toni says:

    Those are two sexy casts if you ask me! hehehe :P Love it! THANKS SO MUCH TABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Laurie says:

    Thank you for the whole week! I just love love love the books! =)

  5. Anubha says:

    Love this cast… Especially Shea and Jakob…

  6. Valerie says:

    Awesome Dream Cast Pictures!!! Im so excited to start this series!! Awesome week Tabbs…I feel like I know so much about Toni and she is awesome for doing a nice giveaway!!!

  7. Leafsgirl says:

    Loved both books!!!

  8. Woho so love Toni's books :)

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